Office Park


Office Park

Client         :      Baris AK

Category    :      UI/UX

Tags            :      Branding, Portfolio

Start Date  :     08.07.2019

End Date    :       10.10.2019

Website      :

Customer care service is the goal of this project. Providing full-service communication with clients allows companies to work more efficiently and save time.

The project’s objective is to offer businesses customer care services.They concentrate on providing full service communication with the clients of the businesses so that those businesses can function faster and more efficiently.

A web-based application called Office Park GRB was created using the PHP programming language.
This system offers online Telephone services and Virtual Office service to its customers on a 24/7 basis using the infrastructure of a standard “service centre.”
The entire procedure entails creating numerous reports everyday and writing vast volumes of data into registers.
This Office Park GRB handles all online inquiries for Telephone services and Virtual Offices, as well as managing all customer records, service information, and telephone assistance.

This Office Park software’s main goal is to provide a system for storing, maintaining, updating, and processing data related to telephone services and virtual office services.
It will create a variety of reports to facilitate the quick and efficient operation of Customer service operations.

Technology: Laravel 5.4, Jquery, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS

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