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Client           :     Sarbar – Germany

Category      :     Web Design

Tags               :     Branding, Portfolio

Start Date    :     20.06.2019

End Date      :      25.09.2019

Website        :

The purpose of this project is to Maintain timesheets for employees who work for “MULTI CLEAN” company, which provides cleaning services in Germany for buildings, glass, offices, and general cleaning.

Our time-sheet assists “MULTI CLEAN” in organizing their lab our, maintaining concentration on your primary business pursuits, and boosting output.You can monitor how many hours have been spent on each project and customer using time-sheet management.
Projects and their resource usage can be compared.

Additionally, time-sheet management aids in the administration of decisions including qualitative judgments, project-related data, worker productivity, and financial control.
Each employee is in charge of entering their time.
Employee is struggling with a task.
This method’ major goal is to keep track of every employee’s work in relation to each project or job.
He is therefore requesting that you input your information as well as project and task information.
To create a sales order, he must enter the date, the hours spent on the assignment, and other information in the task details (if needed).

These records make it possible to calculate the cost of these tasks based on the compensation categories of the employees.
Employees have the option of monthly, weekly, or daily time sheet submission.

Technology: Laravel 5.4, Jquery, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS

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