Client             :            Justin Govan

Category        :           UI/UX

Tags                 :          Branding, Portfolio

Start Date      :           09.04.2020

End Date        :           05.06.2020

Website         :   

As part of the Wangler project, they can manage the “wangler” to generate a billing system.

For admins, this application is useful for managing product details and billing products. Our web portal is also linked through API to this application’s mobile app. Only staff and administrators have access to this application.

The facility to administer the “wangler” to develop a billing system is provided by the project Wangler.This programed helps administrators manage product details and charge for products. Additionally, this application has a mobile app that connects to our web site via API. Only administrators and staff have access to this mobile application.

This web application’s primary purpose is to create invoices for the user’s current Quick books products utilizing a mobile app. Our web application now incorporates the Quick book API. Therefore, a user can scan goods using a mobile app and generate an invoice. And our web application as well as Quickbook will immediately create the invoice.

We also utilize a smartphone application to scan barcodes. As a result, the user can scan any item from his business and create an invoice for it.

Technology: Laravel 5.4, Jquery, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, Flutter, Web API

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