Client          :        Yashpal Mehta – India

Category     :         Branding, UI/UX

Tags              :        Branding, Portfolio

Start Date   :        05.01.2020

End Date     :        07.02.2020


There are web and mobile applications that are interconnected through Assert. His service-based company, which specializes in valuing large vehicles such as cars, trucks, and JCBs, needs this app to provide a solution.

Assurt is an online and mobile application that is interconnected.The purpose of this software is to offer a solution for his service bureau, which values large vehicles like cars, trucks, and JCB.

Assurt does all manual tasks in their daily work prior to creating systems.They manage sheets to make reports, which they transmit to the appropriate pension. We give them all automated solutions for their daily tasks so they may concentrate on their company instead of this routine activity. We have given him an automated system for creating and delivering reports to the appropriate pension. Now, a third party can access the system and securely generate reports directly.

This system has three different types of users. Company, Admin, and User

Admin can designate services for his staff members.
So, when an employee logs into a mobile app, that service will be displayed.
The user will enter the relevant information for the vehicle and capture pictures and videos of it.
So that admin may examine the relevant data and photo, the photo and video will be uploaded immediately to the server.
They will value the vehicle in accordance with this information.
Thus, the bank will offer a loan for this.

Technology: Laravel 5.4, Jquery, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, Flutter, Web API

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