Ro-ro Ferry


Ro-ro Ferry

Client             :           RadiusTheme

Category        :           Web Design

Tags                :           Branding, Portfolio

Start Date      :          09.01.2020

End Date         :          18.09.2020

Website           :

We need to develop a booking system for the RO-RO ferry, which is India’s first passenger and cargo service. In order to overcome the problems with the manual system of practising, this project has been developed. Furthermore, this system is designed specifically for the company’s specific needs in order to operate smoothly and efficiently.

India’s first passenger and cargo service is the Ro-ro Ferry. For them, we created a booking system. To overcome the issues with the current manual system in use, this project was created. Additionally, this system is created to meet the specific requirements of the business in order to run operations efficiently.

This website allows you to purchase ship tickets. A user may reserve a sea ticket between two locations. For ticket reservations, we use the Indigo web service api. In order to use it, we must also use a banking payment gateway.

To minimize data entry errors, the program has been scaled back as much as feasible. Additionally, it displays error messages as you enter data. The user doesn’t need any special training to use the system. This makes everything it offers user-friendly.

Technology: Codeigniter, javascript, Jquery, Html

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