Happy grocery


Happy grocery

Client           :            Pritam gupta

Category      :            Web Design

Tags              :            Branding, Portfolio

Start Date   :            09.01.2020

End Date      :            18.09.2020

Website        :           happy_grocery/

As an alternative to the practising manual system, Grocery has been developed. As a result of this software, some of the hardships faced by the existing system will be eliminated and in some cases even reduced.

The Grocery was created to overcome the issues that existed with the currently in use manual approach. The difficulties our current system has been supported by this program in an effort to eliminate and, in some circumstances, decrease them.

No matter how big or small an organization is, keeping information about products, customers, product types, stocks, and suppliers is a struggle. Because the needs of each grocery store management system’s customers vary, we provide customized employee management systems that are tailored to your managerial needs. This is intended to aid with strategic planning and will help you make sure that your company has the appropriate amount of knowledge and information for your future objectives.

Business process automation is the goal of the project. In other words, we have attempted to computerize numerous grocery system processes.

Technology: Laravel 6, Jquery, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS

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