Real estate


Real estate

Client            :    Dhruval Kamdar – India

Category       :    Web Design

Tags                :    Branding, Portfolio

Start Date     :     09.01.2020

End Date        :     18.09.2020


Designed for the Real Estate Industry, the Real Estate Web Application is an interactive, effective, revenue-generating website. This application provides an easy way for Real Estate Companies to display unlimited numbers of property listings on their websites. Online property sales are the main objective of this web portal. Searches can be conducted on the basis of the type of property, the status, the location, the agent, the company, the price, and the square footage.  Additionally, the map will display properly if it is properly formatted.

The Real Estate Web Application is a dynamic, useful, and financially rewarding website created for the real estate sector. This application’s main goal is to assist the real estate firm in displaying an infinite number of property listings online. This website’s primary objective is to conduct online real estate sales. The user has the option of searching for properties by property type, status, location, agent, company, price, and square footage. Additionally, that can display on the map properly.

Technology: Laravel 6, Jquery, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS

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